Air particle counters for cleanroom environmental monitoring according to ISO 14644

Maximum data integrity: Versatile particle counters for 21 CFR Part 11 compliant cleanroom qualification and monitoring

Particle monitoring made easy: The new MET ONE 3400+ Air Particle Counter lets you look forward to your next audit with peace of mind

Beckman Coulter’s airborne particle counters will see you through any audit. Whether it’s cleanroom environmental monitoring, cleanroom qualification or air particle counting in aseptic filling systems, all air particle counters comply with EU GMP, Annex 1, CGMP, ISO 14644 as well as 21 CFR Part 11.

The new MET ONE 3400+ Airborne Particle Counter takes data integrity to the next level, letting you go into your audits more relaxed than ever before. Simply mark your sampling points on a map or photo of the premises and create the corresponding SOP with the mere touch of a button, which again only takes a touch to call up during sampling. Thanks to the integrated electronic reporting, you’ll receive complete and electronically signed data. Human errors do not occur because there is no printing or manual documentation. The web-based user interface allows you to access your reports and audit trails remotely from any PC. Your IT department will also be delighted: there is no need for an external software solution that needs to be validated. And because the devices communicate with each other, you get more done in less time – an unbeatable advantage when it comes to minimizing production downtime.

From handheld to online, select your airborne particle counter

No matter for which application you need your air particle counter, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences offers the right instrument. The range spans from handheld devices to portable particle counters to devices for integration into online systems.

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MET ONE 3400+ Portable Airborne Particle Counters

MET ONE 3400+ Air Particle Counter

Save hours of valuable time thanks to fast measurements and complete data integrity that will impress any auditor

An ergonomic and easily portable air particle counter for cleanroom applications according to ISO 14644 and 21501-4. Set up your daily cleanroom particle monitoring routines with individually programmable locations, improved SOPs, intelligent interconnectedness, integrated audit trails and remote access. During cleanroom qualification, the integrated wizard is there to help ensure operation according to the regulations.

Measuring range: 0.3 – 25 µm
Flow rate: 28.3 – 100 l/min

MET ONE 6000 Integrated Air Particle Counters

Remote airborne particle counters for continuous particle monitoring at fixed installation sites

The MET ONE 6000 integrated airborne particle counters meet all the requirements of ISO 21501-4. Compact and flexible with regards to sensitivity, flow rate and communication, they are specially designed for cleanroom environmental monitoring in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, hard disk and flat panel display industries.

Measuring range: 0.5 and 5 µm plus optional sizes
Flow rate: 2.83 – 28.3 l/min

HHPC+ Handheld Air Particle Counters

Handheld Luftpartikelzähler HHPC+

Versatile handheld instrument for pharmaceutical and high-tech product manufacturing facilities

Fully equipped 2, 3 or 6 channel handheld particle counters for a variety of tasks where pharmaceuticals, semiconductors or flat panel displays are manufactured within cleanrooms and in ISO class 5 (or higher) controlled environments. The base station conveniently provides computer access to your particle count data via Ethernet or a USB stick.

Measuring range: 0.3 – 10 µm
Flow rate: 2.83 l/min

Scalable online solution for your monitoring needs

Skalierbare Online-Luftpartikelzähler FMS

MET ONE Facility Monitoring Systems can be integrated into any existing particle monitoring system

Thanks to their open communication architecture, they are easy to integrate into any existing particle monitoring system. All our fixed location and portable airborne particle counters comply with the ISO standards 14644 and 21501-4. In addition, the data management software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

White paper: How to optimize cleanroom environmental monitoring and maximize data integrity

Biopharmaceutical environmental monitoring is a time-consuming, labor-intensive task that the world’s most important regulatory authorities all require. In this white paper you will learn how automation with the MET ONE 3400+ Portable Airborne Particle Counter can reduce the complexity of your monitoring tasks and achieve maximum data integrity.

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