DNA isolation for the highest demands: Simple extraction & purification of nucleic acids

Kits that allow you to do without centrifugation during DNA extraction, RNA isolation and in purification.

Due to the Corona crisis: Isolation of viral RNA

Laboratories worldwide join the fight against COVID-19. The isolation of viral RNA is an essential step for pathogen research. As a provider of extraction kits, we would like to make a contribution and offer you two viral RNA extraction methods from our application specialists. Download the protocols now.

The benefits of the Agencourt kits for your RNA & DNA extraction:

  • Easy processing even of difficult samples
  • Centrifugation-free purification
  • Low error rates
  • High yields
  • Automatable

Beckman Coulter’s extraction and purification kits let you benefit from the Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology. It involves the use of paramagnetic beads that selectively bind nucleic acids such as DNA and/or RNA according to type and size. For your work routines, this means that you do not have to centrifuge during DNA isolation or RNA extraction, neither must you carry out complex filtration steps. SPRI thus enables safe and high-performance isolation and purification protocols for demanding molecular biology applications including qPCR, ddPCR, Sanger sequencing, Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) and microarrays.

This is how nucleic acid purification using SPRI works:

Step 1:
Immobilization of the nucleic acid. SPRI beads are added to the sample. Contained DNA or RNA binds selectively to the paramagnetic beads while impurities remain in the solution.

Step 2:
Purification/washing. A magnet pulls the microparticles out of the solution. The solution is discarded and the microparticles washed to obtain high purity nucleic acid.

Step 3:
Elution. The purified DNA or RNA is eluted under aqueous conditions, resulting in high-purity nucleic acids and maximum flexibility for your subsequent applications.

Agencourt kits – the ideal solution for any application:

  • DNA extraction and purification
  • RNA isolation and purification
  • Total nucleic acids (RNA and DNA isolation combined)
  • Dye terminator removal
  • Fragment size selection for NGS library construction

You have questions or want to optimize your application?

Our application team will answer any of your questions about DNA isolation and RNA extraction. We are happy to adapt our reagents to your individual needs. To do so we work with your samples or similar sample material to optimize our Agencourt kits for you and to provide your lab with the best possible solution for RNA or DNA isolation. Simply fill in the following contact form if you have any questions about RNA or DNA extraction or if you would like to test our application service. An application expert will contact you to discuss your individual requirements.

Works with the pipetting robot, too. Automate your daily lab routine!

In labs with medium to high sample throughput, sooner or later the question arises: Why keep pipetting manually? It is of course possible to use our kits for RNA/DNA isolation on pipetting robots. This gives you not only top performance and consistent results but also unprecedented flexibility. Leave the pipetting to the robot – and spend the time you save on more important tasks.

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