TOC analyzers for lab and online measurements

How to save time and costs when measuring TOC in pharmaceutical purified water and water for injection

Intelligent solutions for TOC measurements in pharmaceutical QC

Beckman Coulter’s TOC analyzers provide consistent and accurate proof of compliance with pharmacopeia requirements for the TOC analysis of pharmaceutical grade purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI). Easy and extremely low-cost maintenance as well as low downtimes make these TOC analyzers the perfect cost-effective and time-saving solutions for your laboratory. The instruments, of course, comply with all global pharmacopeias (USP, EP, JP). 21 CFR Part 11 compliant batch release reports reduce the administrative burden of ensuring a smooth audit while integrated, automated SOPs help to reduce operating errors.

At a glance: TOC analyzers for online and lab measurements

Online TOC analyzer for production


TOC-Analysator PAT700 von Beckman Coulter
  • Can be integrated directly into the production line
  • Accurate results thanks to dynamic endpoint determination
  • Measuring range: 0.5 ppb to 2,000 ppb
  • Complete oxidation of each sample (meeting EP 2.2.44)
TOC analyzer for the QC laboratory


TOC-Analysator QbD1200 von Beckman Coulter
  • Requires only one reagent and annual maintenance
  • Measuring range: 0.4 ppb to 100,000 ppb
  • Analysis time: ~5 minutes
  • Detection limit: 0.4 ppb
  • Precision <2% or 3 ppb
  • Calibration time: 90 minutes

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How changes to the European Pharmacopoeia affect the TOC measurement of WFI

The recent revision of the European Pharmacopoeia chapter on Water for Injection (WFI) now permits the generation of WFI by Reverse Osmosis (RO), paving the way for companies to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint by avoiding the use of stills. This paper discusses the increased focus on Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and conductivity measurement.

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